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It’s D-lightful, It’s D-licious, It’s D-lovely

It’s Vitamin D – for Diverse

Vitamin D is a vital nutrient required by your body for a wide range of jobs, such as helping to boost your immunity so you are less likely to end up in bed feeling sick; playing a role in mood modulation – helping you feel good; and supporting your physical structure – making your bones and muscles strong. Read more here 

Sleep – It’s Not a Luxury

Are you Waking up Feeling Refreshed?

Staring at the ceiling at 2:30am, unable to sleep, is usually low on people’s list of favorite pastimes. Affecting anyone at any age, insomnia (difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep) and/or waking unrefreshed can be some people’s reality. Research shows that adults who get fewer than seven hours of sleep (whether for just one night or over the course of days, weeks, or months) experience daytime.
Read more here 


The Thyroid-Adrenal Weight

Gain Connection

If you keep gaining weight despite a good exercise and eating program it may be the health of your adrenal and thyroid glands that are the cause of the problem.  Weight gain, inability to lose weight, and fatigue are all symptoms of adrenal dysfunction and hypothyroidism. Read more here


Boost your Iron levels Naturally

If your iron levels are low you may notice the symptoms of fatigue, weakness, pallor and shortness of breath. What you eat makes a world of difference to your iron levels. Different foods contain different forms of iron. Some foods enhance iron absorption while other foods impede it. Read more here.


Tired of being tired? It could be Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue can affect men and women of all ages. It occurs when your body overworks the adrenal glands which sit over your kidneys. These glands are about the size of your thumb and produce more than 50 hormones including cortisol (stress hormone),

epinephrine (adrenaline) and testosterone.  Read more here


Six ways to get your health in check

If you’ve been suffering from adrenal fatigue, stress, depression, thyroid issues or anything else that’s been interfering with your daily activities, it’s time to start treating it.

Don’t let 2014 pass you by. Otherwise, by the time Christmas comes around you’ll still be suffering with last year’s root causes! Read more here


What you should know about using alcohol for relaxation

Alcohol is said to have positive effects on people’s moods, regardless of whether they suffer from stress or depression. But can well-being be bought from a bottle shop near you? Because of its nature as a mood-changing drug, alcohol makes you feel relaxed by causing chemical changes that slow down your brain and also suppresses the part that makes you feel anxious. Read more here


Hormone, adrenal and thyroid

balancing can help reduce depression

What if there was a way to get rid of your depression and fatigue that would not require conventional and perhaps harmful medication? And what if you could start enjoying improved mental and physical health from day one? Read more here


The link between lifestyle, diet and diabetes

We recently asked what is you want to know more about – so we’ve replied! According to Diabetes Australia, 280 Australians develop diabetes every day and right now, almost 1.1 million Australians currently have diagnosed diabetes. This is scary!

Taking into consideration it is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia, and nearly two thirds of men and half of all women are overweight or obese – rather than focusing on just the treatment and management of such a condition, at Alimenta we direct our focus to the factors that proceed it, such as lifestyle and diet. Read full article


Kick-start your recovery from

Stress and Fatigue with these five steps

Are you always feeling down and tired? Don’t hide from stress and fatigue;you can improve your health, you just need to get the ball rolling. Here is our five-step plan to kickstart your recovery! Read full article


Lose weight and keep it off

with the help of a Naturopath

When you work with Alimenta to lose weight, you’ll learn not just how to lose and maintain it naturally, but also holistically. Our methods are designed to help find the WHY and then repair your entire body, not just fix symptoms. By focusing on the wholeness of your being, we pinpoint lifestyle, physiological and biochemical factors that are influencing weight gain. Read full article.


Pregnancy and Thyroid Disorders

During the first trimester, your baby depends on your thyroid  gland to provide the necessary hormones to help it develop.  If your own thyroid gland isn’t functioning properly, your baby’s supply is also affected.  It’s estimated that 2% to 3% of pregnancies in Australia will be affected by hypothyroidism – so what are the symptoms and how can you protect yourself and your baby?  Read full article.


Coping with Stress During Treatment

The emotional stress of undergoing treatment can affect how quickly you move forward with the process.  Whether you’re undergoing surgery, medical or natural treatment from a doctor, naturopath or other practitioner, some worry,experience fear and anxiety is normal – here, we outline some steps to take to help you manage your emotions throughout the process.  Read full article.


19 Signs Your Thyroid Isn’t Working Right

Things can start to go wrong when your thyroid is under or over-active. If it’s sluggish, it produces too little TH; amped-up and it produces too much. What causes your thyroid to go haywire? It could be genetics, an autoimmune attack, pregnancy, stress, nutritional deficiencies, or toxins in the environment, but experts aren’t entirely sure. Because of thyroid hormones far reach in the body—from brain to bowels—diagnosing a disorder can be challenging. Here’s how to tell if your thyroid could be on the blink.  Read full article.


Why Are You So Tired?  How the neuroendocrine system can affect your energy levels. 

Even if you are getting eight hours of quality sleep every night, you may still be battling fatigue and trying to figure out why.  In this article, we take at look at two hormones that could be afecting your energy levels —the adrenals and the thyroid. Problems with these two hormones are quite common but are often overlooked in conventional medicine. They are relatively easy to identify with a thorough history and appropriate lab tests, and can be successfully treated with naturopathic medicine to help you feel great again.  Read full article. 


Reducing Your Toxic Load – 15 Ways to Reduce Endocrine Disruptors in Your Kitchen

EDs are chemicals that can increase the production of some hormones and decrease the production of others. They can imitate your hormones, interfere with hormone signalling and generally wreak havoc with your endocrine system– making hormones do things they shouldn’t – like stimulating cancer development and triggering immunity, fertility, metabolic, developmental and cognitive problems just to name a few – while stopping them from doing what they should be doing – namely protecting you from the aforementioned and keeping your body’s natural hormones balanced.  Read the full article here.


What Do Sugar Cravings Mean

Despite the endless health campaigns to encourage us to cut back, sugar still makes up a third of our calorie intake. This is deeply worrying, say experts, who are increasingly concerned that our bodies were not designed to take such a sugar overload, and fear it is contributing to many modern ills, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

The problem is that sugar is highly addictive, as study after study has shown. Just last week researchers at Yale University revealed that dramatic falls in blood sugar, which occur after eating “bad” carbohydrates such as sweets and biscuits, affect the part of the brain controlling impulse. Read the full article here.


Healthy Periods

Is a hormone imbalance affecting your health? Feeling not quite right? If your tests say there’s nothing wrong but you want more advice… Read the full article here.


Iodine Deficiency

Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) are caused when a person does not receive enough iodine in their diet. As a result, the Thyroid Gland increases in size (development of a goitre) and hypothyroidism can occur… Read the full article here.

Vegan Diet May Help Protect Against Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a state in which thyroid hormone production is below normal. This very common condition, affecting about 3 to 5% of the adult population, is characterized by symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, constipation, depression, thinning or brittleness of the hair or nails, cold intolerance, memory loss and muscle aches and pains. Read the full article here.

Symptoms of overactive thyroid problems in men

Production of too much thyroid hormone can bring a lot of physical and emotional changes. Men with overactive thyroid might notice several symptoms such as an irregular heartbeat, intolerance to heat, fatigue, and sleeping difficulties. Some may experience weight loss or weight gain owing to disturbed metabolism. Read the full article here. 


The Best Food for Anxiety

Anxiety disorders typically require medication or psychotherapy or both — but that doesn’t mean lifestyle changes are totally out of the question. A balanced diet and a regular exercise routine might not be cures, but they can help improve overall mood and well-being. Read the full article here.


Nature’s New Pain Relievers

You’re in pain, and ibuprofen just won’t cut it. NSAIDs don’t agree with your stomach, and you’re wary of stronger meds.Fortunately, you have alternatives for natural pain relief. From herbs that attack inflammation to techniques that leverage the brain’s remarkable healing powers, nature offers many treatments for conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even muscle strains. Here are eight natural remedies that may enhance or replace conventional antidotes, and leave you happier, healthier, and pain free. Read the full article here

Natural home remedies: Headaches

Oh, my aching head! In a world of traffic jams, tight schedules, and high-speed everything, it’s no wonder we find ourselves popping an occasional pain reliever. For a bad headache, choose one that contains a combination of aspirin, acetaminophen, and caffeine. (Off-limits…if you have a bleeding disorder, asthma, ulcers, or liver or kidney damage.) But painkillers are only part of the solution. There’s much more you can do to escape the thump and wallop of a throbbing noggin. Read the full article here. 


20 Ways to Detox Your Home

Many of us have done a detox in order to eliminate internal toxins from our body, but how many of us do anything about the toxins in our own homes?  The average home contains 500-1,000 chemicals, many of which we are unable to see, smell or taste. While these chemicals may be tolerated individually and in small doses, problems can arise when one is exposed to them in combination or in larger doses.  Read the full article here.


Thyroid problems a pain in the neck

“I was full of energy, so I didn’t think there was anything wrong with me at the time, but after my baby was born I lost a lot of weight. I got thinner and thinner. I thought it was due to breast-feeding… Read the full article here