Porphyrins Profile & Hair Mineral Analysis

Tests circlePorphyrins Profile and Hair Mineral Analysis helps identify the severity of heavy metal toxicity or organic chemical exposure.

The body contains 29 essential elements, and these tests can help us to determine which of these are out of balance in your body.

High levels of harmful toxic heavy metals can cause sickness, fatigue and disease.  With the ever-increasing levels of pollution, exposure to toxic metals, pharmaceutical drugs and other factors, we are exposed to more and more of these substances on a daily basis.  The retention by the body is dependent on other substances present.

Hair can be used detect mineral toxicity and deficiency, showing the long term effects of diet, stress and toxic metal exposure on your mineral balance that is difficult to obtain through other clinical tests.

Minerals are critical for life and abundant health and a deficiency or imbalance may affect your nutritional status, even with a good balanced diet!

A hair mineral analysis will assist in choosing a program for heavy metal detoxification or mineral supplementation.

Porphyrin testing helps identify:

  • Levels of biochemical cell damage caused by toxin exposure
  • Physiologic burden of a person’s level of toxins
  • Toxicity of patients before and during chelation(toxin excretion) therapy
  • Toxicity of therapeutic drugs

Why/How to Evaluate Porphyrins/Hair Mineral Analysis?

Porphyrins, proteins that can be measured in urine, are involved in the proper function of cellular oxygen transport, energy production, and detoxification. Hair Mineral Analysis demonstrates excretion rates of heavy metals through hair samples.