Food & Nutrition

Wholefood Cooking

Jude Blereau is a Perth-based wholefoods chef and nutritionist who is changing people’s understanding about food and nourishment. She has released numerous cookbooks providing wholesome recipes to satisfy the body and soul. Jude also conducts cooking classes and demonstrations to empower everyone with the knowledge to create healthy food.


Heidi Swanson is a US-based foodie and photographer whose website inspires many to cook her recipes, all based on seasonal wholefoods.

This is an inspiring food blog with lots of recipes and eating plans, including for those with allergies.

Informative Websites

The Naked Label

If you would like to understand the things listed on food labels, then this website (create link) is a great source of information.

Environmental Working Group – Cosmetics Database

An informative website regarding cosmetics and cleaning products plus much more

Education & Regulation

Australian Natural Therapists Association

( – provides information to practitioners and the general public regarding new and emerging health information and therapeutics.

National Herbalists Association of Australia

( – provides practitioners with therapeutic guidelines with respect to herbal medicine combining both traditional and contemporary findings.

Australian Society for Bio-Regulatory Medicine

( – provides emerging evidence to practitioners concerning cellular nutrient requirements and toxins.