What Our Clients Say

I came  looking for some help with my continual tiredness, the debilitating lack of energy to do things and just the general lack of well being! I felt and new I had worn myself out mentally and physically and I couldn’t pull myself out of it no matter how much I tried with myself will. Before in the past I could always get on with life and enjoy life and it’s challenges but suddenly I couldn’t anymore and that if anyone knows me knows how absurd that sounds but I truly couldn’t and was beginning to feel I had no where to turn and at the end of my tether! So when I saw in the paper 6 months ago – a column advertising ‘If you’re feeling tired all the time, not sleeping well, feeling anxious, (and the list went long! ) – come in and get your thyroids tested and maybe we can help! It leapt out at me and I was hopeful it was the help I was looking for.

The staff listened to me and asked questions and took notes and then tested my thyroid which tested well below normal and then she told me she needed more to get to the bottom of what was going on with me internally. So then bless her heart she asked me to for a whole day 2 hours before I ate and drank any fluids I produce saliva not the one you swirl your mouth around trying to get a heap in one go but by only the natural way (allowing the saliva to naturally form in the mouth) basically meaning waiting half an hour to even get enough to spit a couple of ml into a tiny test tube! And you have to fill this tiny test tube is what is required to get a result and Not just once but 4 times in one day!! Now I don’t know if any of you have tried this but let me tell you this aren’t no easy feat and good luck if you have to do it in the future!! :)But all jokes aside and being serious after accomplishing all this and taking Trish’s advice and remedies and sticking to it (to the best of my ability) I would like to say I can definitely see an improvement. Subtle but very noticeable to me. For one my sleeping has improved incredibly , though I’m not running marathons, I am feeling more energised throughout the day and I seem to be able to approach the day with more enthusiasm and signs of my old self coming back!

Now I know we all have to be realistic and you’ll never get that younger self back (and I know that) but life is looking brighter again for me and I’m able to embrace each day with new vigour and more energy and that has come through seeking help and not feeling i have to do it by myself. That help for me came in the form of Trish and the naturopathy she put me on, I have no doubt about that and recommend if have doubt all you need to do is give it a try as it might be the help you are seeking too. Thank you!

Michaela May 2014